Vivo is a secure online reward system that enables staff to provide points or Vivos to reward positive behaviour, good attendance and contributions to the school and wider community. Your child can save up their Vivos in a personal account and can either exchange them for a range of items through the online shop or donate them to our school's chosen charities. 

Your child will have a secure login with which they can explore the Vivo website, where they can view which staff they have been rewarded by and why. They can also find out where they stand in the school's league tables. Importantly, Vivo gives you as the parent/carers the opportunity to see how they are doing in school so you can celebrate with them their successes. 

We can issue each parent/carer a personal Vivo login where you can monitor your child’s rewards from school and support them to earn more Vivos. There is also a Vivo app which is available to download for both Ipad and Android devices.

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your child/children's details if you would like us to send you your parent/carer Vivo login details, please put the subject as Vivo Parent.

click here to visit the Vivo Website

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